Detox, Winston-Salem, NC

Detox from all the extra chemicals of the modern world with our help!

Detox in Winston-Salem, NC
In today’s modern world, we enjoy a wealth of conveniences. We can swing through a drive-thru restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and pick up food in less time than it would take to prepare at home. We can buy soaps and detergents from the store rather than making our own, and when we need to replenish an item at home, we can find most anything we need at a local store. All this convenience is handy, but it comes at a cost, and sometimes that cost is our health. Fast food is loaded with chemicals, fats, and sodium to keep the food lasting and tasty, and many things that we buy from the store are manufactured in a way that increases profits rather than doing what is best for the consumer. If you’re feeling the weight of our convenience-based lifestyle, here at Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we want you to take a break and enjoy the relief of a detox.

While detoxing might sound a little scary, let us reassure you that there is nothing scary about the detox process that we do here at Lotus 5 Senses Spa! We detox through several different methods, but the results of relaxation, increased energy and alertness are reported throughout. Our specialized process can help pull the toxins that we gather as part of a normal, industrialized life from your body, so it has a chance to rest, reboot, and feel better.

We would love to tell you more about our detox process and the results that you can expect to see. Please give us a call or even stop by, and we would be happy to discuss our detox benefits with you.


At Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we offer detox services to residents of Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, East Bend, Lewisville, Rural Hall, and King North Carolina.