Himalayan Salt Foot Detox, Winston-Salem, NC

Purify your body and soften your tired feet with a Himalayan Salt foot detox.

The world around us is full of chemicals and contaminants, many of which didn’t even exist until the last century or two. Even the healthiest of us all still can be affected by the toxins, chemicals, and contaminants that we encounter daily, some of them just by breathing polluted air or eating contaminated food. These toxins can leave us feeling lethargic, foggy, and needlessly tired, and cause aches, pains, and headaches. Here at Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we believe that treating the root of the problem will be more beneficial than just treating the symptoms of an issue. That’s why we have decided to offer a Himalayan Salt foot detox service to our clients.

Himalayan Salt Foot Detox in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Himalayan salt is one of the most potent and beneficial natural ingredients available today. It contains far more minerals than just sodium. In fact, Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals in total. Its sodium content is what makes it perfect for a foot detox. A Himalayan salt foot detox is a wonderful way to draw out toxins and impurities using the large capillaries in your feet. Additionally, because salt has wonderful antimicrobial properties, you can expect a decrease in issues that are common to the feet, such as infections or certain types of fungi. A Himalayan salt foot detox also works to soften and scrub the calluses away from your feet, leaving them feeling soft and ready for sandal season.

Whether you’re tired of having tired feet or are looking for a way to balance out your body, a Himalayan Salt foot detox can go a long way in making you feel better. Book your appointment and come see us in Winston-Salem, North Carolina today.

At Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we offer Himalayan salt foot detox services to residents of Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, East Bend, Lewisville, Rural Hall, and King North Carolina.