Chair Massage, Winston-Salem, NC

Think chair massages and massage chairs the same thing? Think again.

When you think of massage, what comes to mind? If a large table with a hole for your face comes to mind, you’re not alone! Massage is often done with the client lying flat upon a massage table in order for the massage therapist to have access to all the major muscle groups. However, there are other massages that can be just as beneficial and might even make some clients more comfortable with the massage process, including chair massages.

Chair Massage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here at Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we are excited to be able to offer chair massages to our Winston-Salem, North Carolina clients. A massage chair and a chair massage are not interchangeable terms! In fact, the only thing that they have in common is that the client is seated. When experiencing a chair massage, a client is fully dressed and able to sit in a comfortable, ergonomic chair that allows the client to lean forward and rest their face in a donut-shaped pillow. Some chairs also have specialized cushions for you to rest your knees and arms on. The massage therapist is then able to massage your back, shoulders, and other areas with more force and strength than they would be able to use with a standard massage table.

A chair massage can be great for busy clients because they are often shorter than other massages, but chair massages still provide many of the same benefits as traditional massages. You can enjoy looser muscles, fewer headaches, decreased blood pressure, and a nice feeling of relaxation after a chair massage.

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At Lotus 5 Senses Spa, we offer chair massage services to residents of Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, East Bend, Kernersville, Lewisville, Rural Hall, and King North Carolina.